What It’s Really Like To Be 250lbs (220+ lbs of LBM)

In this day and age the old school bodybuilder is a dying breed. With the drastically rising popularity of men’s physique and the falling popularity of mass monsters, more and more you hear things like “I don’t want to get too big” or “I’m not trying to build, I’m just trying to tone.”

The truth is, nobody wants to be big anymore. More than that, people are afraid to be big. Back in the day, you couldn’t walk into a Gold’s Gym without finding yourself surrounded by giants. These days, you walk into a Gold’s Gym and you have to go back outside to doublecheck the sign above the door. 

To be fair, this isn’t the case everywhere. There are still places where the big guys run the show, but they’re definitely less common. 

Right now I’m at a point in my bodybuilding career where I’m pretty much considered “big” everywhere I go. I get a lot of comments, mostly positive, but a lot of people don’t realize what it feels like walking around at 250lbs.

Here’s a few things you might not know about being big.

1) Everything revolves around your next meal.

So you brought three of your meals to work with you, and your friend hits you up and wants to do something when you get off. But you still have two more meals you need to eat before your head hits the pillow. Solution? You go home, get your meals, and take them with you. Or you don’t go.

Nothing is important enough to skip a meal for because waking up a half a pound lighter the next day is literally your worst nightmare.

Here’s another scenario for you.  Your family wants to take a two week vacation. Your first thought: what am I going to eat? You can’t cook for the whole two weeks or your food will spoil. And what if you don’t have access to a kitchen while you’re gone?

Food becomes an all-consuming concern, and it will stay in the back of your mind literally every time you make plans.

2) Jeans are no longer an option.

There are only two ways you can fit in a pair of jeans. Buy a waist way too big for you so that the legs will fit your quads and then cinch up your belt–which never ends up looking quite right. Or get your jeans tailored–which is expensive, and you need all the money you can save for your absurd grocery bill every week.

Solution? Wear sweats or shorts. Everywhere. You’re big enough that people won’t judge you for your wardrobe choices.

3) Your shoes are like race car drivers’ tires.

You’re going to wear through your shoes much faster than the average person. And not from running, jumping, and hiking. Just from walking around.

Every time you take a step you’re putting a quarter thousand pounds of pressure on whatever arch support your shoes had to begin with. After a while you might as well be walking around on concrete. 

Same goes for your car’s suspension, your favorite chair, and your mattress. You can go ahead and add these expenses to the grocery bill I mentioned earlier.

4) Everything you do is harder.

Walking across a room at 160lbs is a vastly different feeling than walking across a room at 250. Your legs weigh about twice as much, and your heart has to pump blood to twice as much muscle.

Obviously you can stay in decent cardiovascular shape depending on your training but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re carrying around 250lbs wherever you go. All your tendons, ligaments, and joints are having to work that much harder just to keep you on your feet. 

5) You will never stop sweating.

For you to be a comfortable temperature literally everyone around you needs to be shivering and/or reaching for the nearest blanket. If you wear anything more than a t-shirt and shorts during summer you will probably sweat through it.

You like being indoors when it’s hot outside because the A/C is on. You hate being indoors when it’s cold out because wherever there’s a heater running, you’re going to be sweating. 

The A/C in your car is always running. Have fun filling your gas tank what seems like every other day.

So why be so big?

When you’re well over 200lbs, you spend a good portion of your day feeling uncomfortable. But once you’ve come this far it is one hundred percent worth it. 

Most people don’t want to look like you; people will tell you you’re too big, or gross, or unaesthetic. But if everybody wanted to do it, what would be the point? There’s nothing worse than settling for being average. And there  is no better feeling than seeing yourself grow and continue to be a better version of yourself every day.

Plus being the biggest guy in the gym doesn’t feel too bad either.


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