Let Yourself Feel Bad

Nobody lets themselves feel bad anymore.  Nobody lets themselves feel sad, or stressed out, or anxious, or much of anything besides numb and generally not quite happy with themselves. This is what’s wrong with society right now.

Everyone works their horrible nine to five jobs five days out of the week and then when they get to the weekend they drink and smoke and do stupid shit because they need to “destress”. This is ridiculous.

The truth is if something stressful happens then you’re supposed to feel stressed out. If something sad happens then you’re supposed to feel sad. I think this is a basic human emotion that 95% of people are missing right now.

Let yourself feel bad.

When you work through negative emotions you’ll be amazed how happy you feel after the fact. But nobody does, so nobody ever feels fully at peace with themselves. Everyone is just numb and drugged up and unhealthy.

This general attitude of not wanting to spend even a second feeling uncomfortable is responsible for a number of problems in our society. This is why people don’t go to the gym. This is why people are obese, diabetic, and addicted to meth.

I value my ability to feel like crap more than almost anything else about my personality. If I had a bad day I’m gonna be in a bad mood. And that’s what’s supposed to happen.

So next time you have a really bad day, please just let yourself feel bad. Please.


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