Welcome to Microtrauma

First of all I want to talk about what this website represents and what you being here probably says about you.

This website represents a desire for personal, emotional, and physical betterment. It represents the mindset of never settling for “good enough” or even “excellent” because you will never stop striving to beat yourself.

This is not a website for bodybuilders. Not that bodybuilders are excluded in any way, but the reason I’m here goes so much deeper than this one demographic. Every single goal is important. Whether you’re 4% body fat trying to get bigger arms or 40% body fat trying not to be dead in five years.

If you stumbled across this page, you likely have the desire to better yourself in some way. Maybe you need information on nutrition, or you need help with your training program. Maybe you’ve lost your motivation for fitness because you’re going through a divorce and your life is in shambles.

Regardless of the circumstances, I want this to be a place where anyone of any body composition or experience level can come to learn something.

For more information on who I am and where I come from, check out the “About Me” page above. Let’s get started!


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